Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Art of Gusppounk

By Carmo D’Souza

Konkani is a rich language which uses words with a variety of calours. People while talking, use the language artistically as they would do a welcoming Rangoli in front of their houses. One such word is guspounk which means to meander aimlessly, or to be in a confused state or … Of course the primary postulate is that Konkani words cannot be exhaustive - postulate as rule need no proof

Well Gusponk is a art either carefully cultivated or formed unconsciously. Imagine Maria who has the habit of preparing herself for any schedule well before time. As her husband goes for his suit and boot, she is ready at the doorstep. But at the time of leaving her home, she meanders aimlessly seeking for trinkets. It may be a broche , a house or car keys or a purse. The hunt goes well beyond the scheduled time . In this sense Gusponk is an unconscious habit formed perhaps from childhood environment.

I had a professor friend who had a fancy of being photograph. He had made a prize collection of valuable clicks with all the possible celebrities of Goa. He had successfully cultivated the art of Gusponk. For any occasion he was the uninvited guest. He used to roam confidently around the whole place as if he was the host. When the photographer was about to click the chief guest , my friend would appear on the scene . Next day my friend’s face was blown over the newspapers of Goa along with the chief guest. He had combined the art of gusponk with that of gussonk

There are also confused Goans , who have a tendency to fall by tripping on their own legs. “ Tejeache pavank guspollo” Perhaps it is this habit that has kept many Goans from being achievers. They do need a reorientation exercise.

Gusponk in all its senses is prevalent amidst the whole Goan community. Perhaps our politicians too have either cultivated it to a finer extent.. They have the tendency to tie Goa’s problems in a complex knot , just like thread has the tendency to gusponk.

I intend to make a longer article…..But Sorry . Guspollo.


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